Friday, March 21, 2014

Ettusais Haul

I recently discovered this Japanese beauty brand and it might be a winner. As you can tell, I went a little crazy. With the weather starting to warm up here I'm already brainstorming ways to be more comfortable survive the coming summer. The name Et tu sais, is French for "you know what?" The brand has a selection of skin care, and focuses on incorporating skin care ingredients into their makeup to be suitable for sensitive or acne prone skin.

First I'd like to talk about the packaging. It is surprisingly minimalist for a Japanese beauty brand. I'm not saying it's pink-free but Ettusais has taken a much more moderate approach to all things cutesy and girly, than its competitors. They like to collaborate with other Japanese brands and come out with limited edition packaging which can be hit or miss. I do think the collab with Amphi, a lingerie company, is lovely!

My first Ettusais purchases were Puru Puru Serum, limited edition Princess Red rose cheek colour, and Lip Essence stick with the Amphi design. So far I love all three of these! You can read my reviews here!

Loft had a special gift bag of Ettusais summer essentials. As a side note, Loft has lots of value sets from different brands. I highly recommend checking them out. The one I bought was 1800yen, with around 5000yen worth of product! It included Aqua Splash OB, Aqua Splash UV SPF 25, BB Mineral White SPF 45, Oil Block Jelly, and Lip Essence.

Do you have anything from Ettusais? What do you think?

PS If you're interested in looking at Ettusais online, they have an English website but the Japanese one is way better, and obviously gets updated more often.

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