Monday, September 30, 2013

Lipstick Challenge: Day 16

Revlon super lustrous lipstick in twinkled pink (413). 

Lately I've been wanting to wear a nude lip and then I remembered I have this one. I think this colour is subtle, girly and very flattering. However, this lIatick stinks. I hate the smell!! A beauty blogger once said she had a highlighter that smells like ladybugs. I'm not sure what they smell like but there is something similar happening. Every time I use this I can't believe how bad it smells. It's so bad. 

Everything else about this product is good. I haven't worn it much but I like the texture and wearability. 

That's all for now. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lipstick Challenge: Day 15

Clinique high impact SPF 15 in extreme pink. 

Same as all Clinique lipsticks but more pigmented, as the name suggests.

I always know which cup is mine ;)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lipstick Challenge: Day 14

Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in honey (001). 

I should have just combined this one with rendezvous. Here's the link to that review:

This colour is gorgeous. It lasts forever. 

Exciting announcement!!!! I'm starting a beauty YouTube channel! I filmed my first video last weekend and it's being edited. I'm hoping to have it all up and running this weekend. I will also likely have a corresponding blog of the same name, which means this blog will return to being about Japan. I will post more info as soon as it's ready!

That's all for now!

Lipstick Challenge: naked lips!

A friend of mine, you know who you are lovely, suggested I post a photo with no lipstick. Gasp! Haha. I think it's a great idea to give everyone a reference point. I think my lips are quite pink with no colour on.  

So here you go!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lipstick Challenge: Day 13

Clinique almost lipstick in black honey (06). 

I got a sample of this in a Clinique bonus a few years ago and liked it so much I bought the full size when it ran out. I wear this during fall and winter. It's more of a lip stain than a lipstick. 

It looks much darker in the tube than it does on the lips. It feels very moisturizing and nice. I love this product. I love the colour, the packagin, and formula. I haven't looked at the other colours available in this line but I would consider getting another one. It's similar to but less glossy than the canmake rouge-on lip balms I reviewed last week. They have similar coverage and opacity. 

That's all for now. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Lipstick Challenge: Day 12

Bite beauty luminous creme lipstick in pepper. 

Some of you may have noticed that it's been more that 12 days since my first post. To you I say, don't worry about it. So I haven't been posting everyday. So what? I'm amending the challenge so that it doesn't interfere with my regular life. I'm very busy and important. (Just kidding)

On to the lipstick! I got this little sample with my sephora points. Normally I think the little point products suck so I was happy to see a lipstick in the display when I hit 100 points. I had never heard if this brand before but I like this product a lot. It's very creamy, as the name would suggest. At first I thought it was the same colour as tender heart by Clinique (review to come) but this one has more of a berry undertone, where tender heart is more brown. Both are 'my lips but better' neutrals and exactly the kind if colours I reach for in the fall and winter. 

This is a great little product. I would definitely consider purchasing this one or a different shade in this line if I found this brand in Japan. 

That's all for now. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Lipstick Challenge: Day 11

Rimmel London moisture renew lipstick in coral queen (620). 

Another coral! I know. This is my last coral lipstick. I bought this because I had heard good things about the formula on YouTube and Superstore was having a sale. 

I kind of wish this lipstick was matte and had better lasting power. It leaves really noticeable rings around the edges of the lips when it wears off. The colour is great though, and it doesn't dry out my lips. Also I like the purple packaging. 

I took this photo on the Shinkansen. 

That's all for now. 

Lipstick Challenge: Day 10

Clinique colour surge bare brilliance lipstick in waterviolet (32). 

I got a lot of use from this lipstick a few years ago and then stopped wearing it for some reason. I think it's a nice neutral. You can see how sparkly it is in the tube. So many sparkles! Why Clinique? Why do you do this? That being said I do like the way the light is reflecting off my lips in the photo. I don't notice the glitter on the lips. It just highlights them nicely. 

This shade goes on much more sheer than I expect it to, making it super easy to wear. I like it better as a fall/winter shade than a spring/summer one with its cooler undertones. It's not as pink as a lot of my other Clinique lipsticks. It's not very long lasting but fades very gracefully. 

For those of you tired of reading about lipstick, Tyler and I are going to post about our weekend in Hiroshima as soon as our home Internet is set up! I've been blogging from my phone, but we have some really nice photos on my camera that we want to share.

That's all for now. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lipstick Challenge: Day 9

Canmake stay-on balm rouge (swatches are listed from bottom to top) in rosier rose (1), tiny sweetpea (3), savonly lily (4), and flowing cherry petal (5). I'm wearing cherry petal today. 

This is a Japanese product! Canmake is based in Tokyo and I've been really happy with these lip balms. They're more affordable than similar western products like the revlon lip butters. If you've been following my cheeky lip product posts you'll know that I prefer the revlon just bitten kissable balm stains. I am still searching for a comparable Japanese product. If anyone has found one please tell me!

I find the two selling features to be very attractive. Moisture and UV protection are exactly what I want in a tinted lip balm-type product. 

I wish savonly lily was more pigmented. It barely shows up on my lips. I guess it will be nice for when I want a super neutral look. The other colours show up just fine!

PS sorry about the background; I took this selfie in the back room at work. Shhh. ;)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Lipstick Challenge: Day 8

The Body Shop colour crush in 110. 

I could not resist adding another coral shade to my collection. I've been obsessed since April with all things in this colour family. However, it's time to get down to brass tacks. 

 My first complaint is that there is no name for this colour on the tube. I love reading the names of shades different make up. After doing a little online searching I found the name for this shade is coral blush. It also says that this is supposed to be a matte lipstick, which it clearly is not.

This was not part of my original batch of makeup when I started this challenge but having picked it up this weekend in Hiroshima, I had to wear it right away. 

This lipstick smells like honey or maybe nectar. It's so sweet and pretty! These lipsticks are new  to the body shop so I don't know much about them. They claim to have 'high-impact colour' and be very moisturizing with a rose scent. I don't know exactly what this scent is, but I have never smelled a rose like that. 

This product applies smoothly but can leave my lips feeling a little grainy. I find it lasts a little longer if I give it time to soak in before drinking or doing something else that might cause it to wear off. I don't love this formula but I'm willing to give it some time.

In conclusion, I love the colour, the packaging, and the smell. The rest is passable. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lipstick Challenge: Day 7

Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in rendezvous. 

As you can see I decided to math my makeup to my bikini for a day at the beach in Hikari. 

I love this product and cannot say enough good things about it. It's moisturizing, really long lasting, ultra pigmented, and it smells like mint. It's got a slightly glossy finish but it's not sticky. I've worn this colour a lot this spring and summer and would like to get a berry shade for fall. 

In conclusion, everyone go buy this! It will make your life better.

That is all. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lipstick Challenge: Day 6

Clinique different lipstick in raspberry glacé (33). 

It's Friday! Hurray!

This lipstick/lipgloss duo is a nice idea, unless you're me, and hate lip gloss. I find it to be sticky and do not like the feel of it at all. Most of all my hair always gets stuck in it. Gross! I've tried this duo together before but today I couldn't bring myself to use the gloss, even for the photo. Sorry, readers. I won't wear lipgloss. Not even for you. 

Like all Clinique lipsticks, this formula is great! Very smooth, applies beautifully, perfectly pigmented. I think this colour would be even better if I had a matching lip liner underneath so it wouldn't leave that awkward but of colour around the edge of the lips after the colour is gone from the rest. For dinner I layered it over a lip stain in a similar colour and that added to its staying power. 

The only other thing I want from this product is to be able to pull the lipstick part free of the lipgloss. I know it's a similar size to the lip crayon products but I never put it in my bag because it seems too big. 

That's all for now. Bonne soirée!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lipstick Challenge: Day 5

Clinique colour surge bare brilliance lipstick in pink beach (22). 

I took this photo at my desk with my phone. Deal with it. I was too sweaty and ran out of time this morning before school. 

I have so many lipsticks from Clinique bonus time! Any colour my mom didn't want got sent my way. I tend to neglect these ones because I've had them for so long but I really like this colour. I think I will get a lot of wear out of it as a teacher. 

On to the review. When looking at this lipstick in the tube, all I see is glitter. I don't like glitter in my lipstick because I'm not thirteen (sorry to any grown women who enjoy glittery lipstick). However, the glitter is not as noticeable on the lips. I find this is the case with many Clinique lipsticks. They look really sparkly in the tube but go on very nicely. I can feel the glitter when applying it but don't notice it when it's on.

This lipstick smells like old ladies. I know I said that about the Elizabeth Arden one too, but this has an even stronger scent. I just touched it up and I can smell it from my lips. It's not strong enough to make me stop wearing it but it would be nice if it smelled like vanilla or something.

I don't find this to be particularity long lasting but since it's a more subtle shade it's not as high maintenance as a bright red lip, for example. It fades gracefully. 

That's all for this one.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lipstick Challenge: Day 4

Elizabeth Arden ceramide plump perfect lipstick in tulip (25). 

This is another lipstick I've had for ages. I got it from my grandma who got it as part of an Elizabeth Arden gift with purchase. I like the colour but can't say I have ever noticed any plumping action, as the name suggests. 

I get lots of complements on this colour. The formula is a little dry but that might just be because it's old. Its lasting power is good, not spectacular, but not bad. It smells like old ladies but in a way I don't mind. I'm not a fan of the packaging. I think the plastic gold colour makes it look kind of cheap, even though clearly it's not.

I like this lipstick but I probably wouldn't run out and buy it when I finally finish it. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Lipstick Challenge: Day 3

Rimmel London volume lipstick in sassy (020). 

I know I have been more than 3 days since I started this challenge and I haven't been posting every day like I said I would. I have a really good reason! Many good reasons, in fact! The first is that Tybecca has been reunited. Tyler arrived four days ago. In addition to that excitement it was my school's culture festival and I had to work all weekend. Hurray for working seven days in a row! I will do a seperate post about the school festivals. They were a blast!

This post is for the lipstick I wore yesterday. I've had this lipstick for a few years. As you can see, it's almost all gone. I rediscovered this colour when I was packing in July. 

I love this formula! It's so creamy and applies smoothly. I never put this over a lipbalm. I find it's buttery enough on its own. I like the smell. It's a bit sweet and doesn't have that old lady smell some makeup does. It's not superlong lasting  but I only really need to reapply after eating.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lipstick Challenge: Day 2

Revlon colorburst lip butter in tutti frutti (015). 

This was another spring purchase. I adore the colour! It pops like a mother! 

I think I bought a defective one. I don't think the product was properly secured to the bottom of the tube which means that when I apply it, it pushes up against the side of the tube and scrapes off on the top of the tube when I roll it down. This is incredibly annoying! I'm not sure how accurate this review will be but I'm gonna go for it anyway. I have never heard of this happening to anyone else. I would like to get another one of these lip butters in a different colour. 

This product is quite moisturizing and has a glossy finish without being too sticky. That being said, I prefer the formula of the revlon just bitten kissable lip balms. They are even less sticky and feel even lighter on the lips. This may be due to the defectiveness of the one I have. I can't be sure if just the packaging was messed up or if the formula is off too.

Anyway, it can go on sheer and then be built up, depending on what you want. It smells like vanilla! It's the same colour on the lips and in the tube.  I have gotten a lot of wear from this! It's been one of my go to colours for the spring and summer. 

I don't find this to be very long lasting. It definitely needed a touch up before lunch and was completely gone by the time I finished eating. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lipstick Challenge: Day 1

Revlon super lustrous matte lipstick in smoked peach (013). 

I bought this in May and have been loving it! I think it's a really pretty, fresh-looking neutral. 

Since this is a matte lipstick I find it can be a bit drying on the lips so I usually layer it over a lip balm. 

That is my only complaint about this product. I love the colour. The texture is very smooth. It still looked fresh when I checked it at lunch, and I'd been drinking tea all morning. It doesn't have a smell, good or bad. I think it does give a good amount of colour for being quite a light shade. It looks the same in the tube as it does on my lips. 

I don't have any other matte lipsticks by revlon but I'd like to pick some up. 

35 Day Lipstick Challenge

Those who are friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram will know that I just got a beautiful piece of furniture: a vanity!  This has me all excited about my make up collection in a new way. I wanted to do something special. 

I've been easing my way into beauty blogging and thinking about maybe making a summer favs YouTube video. Let me know if you'd like to see one!

Anyway, I was organizing my make up and it came to me! I have so many lipsticks and seem to wear the same ones all the time even though I still like all the colours. I needed a way to rediscover my less-used lip products. I'm going to wear a different lipstick every day until I've made my way through all 35 of them. 

A note: not all the products are lipsticks. I have a few lip crayon things, lip stains, and a couple lipglosses but I like the sound of a 'lipstick challenge' more than a 'lip product challenge.'

Each day I will review the colour, as well as the product. I'll evaluate lasting power, texture/feel, smell, colour payoff, finish, stickiness, and whatever the hell else strikes my fancy. 

Let me know if there's anything in particular you would like to hear about each product. 

Stay tuned for Day 1!