Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lipstick Challenge: Day 5

Clinique colour surge bare brilliance lipstick in pink beach (22). 

I took this photo at my desk with my phone. Deal with it. I was too sweaty and ran out of time this morning before school. 

I have so many lipsticks from Clinique bonus time! Any colour my mom didn't want got sent my way. I tend to neglect these ones because I've had them for so long but I really like this colour. I think I will get a lot of wear out of it as a teacher. 

On to the review. When looking at this lipstick in the tube, all I see is glitter. I don't like glitter in my lipstick because I'm not thirteen (sorry to any grown women who enjoy glittery lipstick). However, the glitter is not as noticeable on the lips. I find this is the case with many Clinique lipsticks. They look really sparkly in the tube but go on very nicely. I can feel the glitter when applying it but don't notice it when it's on.

This lipstick smells like old ladies. I know I said that about the Elizabeth Arden one too, but this has an even stronger scent. I just touched it up and I can smell it from my lips. It's not strong enough to make me stop wearing it but it would be nice if it smelled like vanilla or something.

I don't find this to be particularity long lasting but since it's a more subtle shade it's not as high maintenance as a bright red lip, for example. It fades gracefully. 

That's all for this one.

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