Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lipstick Challenge: Day 6

Clinique different lipstick in raspberry glacé (33). 

It's Friday! Hurray!

This lipstick/lipgloss duo is a nice idea, unless you're me, and hate lip gloss. I find it to be sticky and do not like the feel of it at all. Most of all my hair always gets stuck in it. Gross! I've tried this duo together before but today I couldn't bring myself to use the gloss, even for the photo. Sorry, readers. I won't wear lipgloss. Not even for you. 

Like all Clinique lipsticks, this formula is great! Very smooth, applies beautifully, perfectly pigmented. I think this colour would be even better if I had a matching lip liner underneath so it wouldn't leave that awkward but of colour around the edge of the lips after the colour is gone from the rest. For dinner I layered it over a lip stain in a similar colour and that added to its staying power. 

The only other thing I want from this product is to be able to pull the lipstick part free of the lipgloss. I know it's a similar size to the lip crayon products but I never put it in my bag because it seems too big. 

That's all for now. Bonne soirée!

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