Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Hiatus

Dear Readers,

I'm sorry to say that I'm putting my blog on hiatus. The truth is that it's just too damn hot. An average day is over 30 degrees Celsius with 70-80% humidity, and it's still getting hotter!  Right now I'm focusing on skin care and SPF, but I have a good routine which I will not be messing with until the weather calms down! 

Most of my apartment, like my kitchen, is not air-conditioned, and my work is sparing with it. When the aircon is on at work, it's set to 27! That's right. God I miss winter! 

Thanks to anyone who is still reading, and I'll talk to you in the autumn.

This is what I put on my face, and then promptly sweat off.

I keep my skin care in the fridge.

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