Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lucky Bags!

So much stuff!
Last weekend I went to Hiroshima to do a little Christmas shopping, and get out of the prefecture. At Loft, an essential stop for any shopper, I found some amazing deals! They had these 'lucky bags' for different brands. It's a little gift set which would be a perfect gift for a lady on your list, or yourself!

Revlon, Rimmel, Bourjois, and a Japanese brand I can't remember had these sets. They were all between 1500-1900 yen (~$15-19), with around 8000 yen (~$80) worth of product inside. I grabbed the Revlon one because normally it's so expensive here, and all those holiday nail polishes and lip products was just too tempting! I'm now wishing I'd gotten the Bourjois one too, but I'm trying to save up for a major Korean cosmetics haul on my trip at the end of the month. These bags are great because I probably wouldn't have bought these products or colours if I could pick out everything myself but I really like them!

Here's a little list of what was in the Revlon lucky bag.
-top speed nail polish in emerald and spirit
- color stay nail polish in red carpet
- just bitten kissable balm stain in cherish
- lip butter in brown sugar
- BB moisture cream in 03 medium beige (way to dark for me! If you think this is your colour, send me a message and you can have it!)
- Age defying translucent finishing powder with botafirm (whatever that is...)
- a little pink pencil sharpener

Thanks for reading! Talk soon!

PS. Am I the only one that thinks lucky bags sounds like an innuendo for boobs?

PPS. If you have any recommendations for Korean cosmetics please leave a comment! I'm going to Korea in a couple weeks and have been doing some research but first hand tips are always the best!


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