Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bath Time: Bombs, Salts, and Tablets

It's this picture again! Hurray!!!

If you're not into bubbles I've got a few bath fizzy things that will make your skin soft and smell nice. One I will definitely be repurchasing is the Butterball. It's a vanilla scented bomb with chunks of cocoa butter. I recommend this if you suffer from dry skin, especially in the winter! With the Christmas season approaching, there's a lovely assortment of holiday scented things. The Bombardino is a lemon pie scented bomb, full of cocoa butter bits. I used this one last night and it was amazing! It smells great and made my skin feel so nice! The Melting Snowman, and regular Snowman are in my stockpile.

Muji bath tablets only promise to make your bath smell nice, not to benefit your skin, but they're much cheaper than Lush or the Body Shop. When I bought them I saw that Muji has a selection of bath salts. On further inspection, they all seem to be advertised at 'medicated bath salts'. I find this concerning. If anyone knows what they actually do, leave me a comment.

I know bath products are luxury items, and can be expensive. You can get two baths out of some bath bomb or bubble bar.

How do you like to enjoy your baths? Let me know what bath-time things you're loving! (A particular book, magazine, podcast, wine, tea, or Hot Toddy recipe can count as bath accessories, too). Lately I've been listening to the Savage Lovecast or Throwing Shade podcast while I soak. I highly recommend both!

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