Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review: Maybelline Japan Cosmos Hyper Shadow and Kate Real Create Eyes

Maybelline Japan Cosmos Hyper Shadow in BR-1 Luna Brown
These are mixed pigment, marbled, baked eyeshadows. When I bought this I thought it would be identical to the (get ready for a really long name!) Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Pearls Marbleized Eyeshadow Duo, which I have in Persuasive Plum. Both are marbled, baked eyeshadow duos. The duos come with gorgeous colours that are perfect for each other. It  I bought Persuasive Plum in Canada last summer and wore it non-stop for about 2 months. I love the colours, the pigmentation, and how blendable they are. They're super easy to work with. All that being said, I might prefer the Japanese version. 

My only complaint with the former is that I have to be careful of fallout, especially with the darker shade. The Japanese formula seems to be a bit firmer, which makes for less shadow in places I don't want it. I might actually prefer the Luna Brown, but I'll have to use it more to see if it's true love, or just a fleeting flirtation.

Kate Real Create Eyes in BR-3
An 5-shade eyeshadow palette with "clear soft-transmitting colors and deep monotone colors for creating deeply contoured eyes." I really like shimmer shadows, and boy am I in the right country. It's actually a challenge to find a shadow (or any kind of makeup) that won't light you up like a disco ball!

 Let's start with the packaging. I love it! It's pretty and a visual departure from other drugstore eyeshadow palettes. The palette comes in a little plastic package which has visual instructions on how to use the shades to create a look. It would have been nice if this was printed on the back of the compact instead. 

You might have noticed that there are five shades, but only swatches for four. The palest shade, in the top left corner, is a shimmery cream shadow that is supposed to be used as a primer base for the rest of the shadows. I tried it and it's absolute crap. It made the shadow crease so much! The powder shadows work better without it. I think it's a great idea but the execution fell way short. They should have left it out and made the purple shade in the middle bigger because I'm gonna hit pan on that shade way before the other ones!

I really like both of these shadows, and would recommend the Maybelline one for sure. I think the formula, pigmentation, etc. of the Kate powder shadows is great, but next time I would go for a palette without the cream shade.

Have you tried and shadows my Kate or Maybelline Japan? What do you think?

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