Friday, February 14, 2014

Too Cool for School

I featured two of these products in my January Favourites video. First I would like to talk about the packaging because seriously! It is amazing! Who doesn't want dinosaurs or a sketched cityscape on their makeup?

Too Cool for School Dinoplatz-eye Krrrayon Stick in #2 Swing with Me
The colour is a rosy gold with little gold flecks in it. I like to use this with the Canmake Lasting Multi Eyebase WP because it can crease a little if I wear it all day long. That being said I think this is a great eyeshadow. I really like eyeshadow sticks because they're really convenient, quick, and don't make a mess. This eyeshadow is really long lasting. There is a little smudger on the bottom which I don't normally use; I prefer to use a brush to blend. But I think this product is perfect for travelling, and would use it then.

Too Cool for School Dinoplatz Lost Identity Lip Colour
They advertise it as both a lip stain and a lip balm, but I think it's more of a stain. It doesn't dry my lips out but it's not ultra moisturizing either. The colour lasts much longer than the moisture! One added bonus of this colour changing formula is that it doesn't leave a pink mark on your wine glass (which I actually don't mind) This lip crayon is perfect for creating that gradient lip effect that's so popular, especially in Korea.

Pumpkin Sleeping Pack
One of the benefits of buying beauty in Korea is all the free samples, which I have raved about before. These were some of those samples. For anyone who doesn't know what a sleeping pack is - I had to look it up myself, so you'll get no judgement from me - it's something you put on right before bed, after all your other nighttime skin care products. It's really rich and sinks into your skin overnight, making your skin soft and plump. These are especially good for winter, when it's so dry. I did like this, but two uses is just not enough to decide if it's something I would purchase a full size of. It did make my skin feel nice.

When I go back to Korea, I will be picking up a few more products from Too Cool for School! Do you have anything from them? Any you would recommend? Leave me a comment!

Bye x

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