Monday, October 21, 2013

Lipstick Challenge: Day 21

Lavshuca double colours lipstick in pk-2. 

This product is so unique that I had to buy it! I've never seen anything like it!  Lavshuca is a middle range Japanese drugstore brand by Kanebo (a high end brand). There were five shades and I chose a pinker one because I thought it would be the easiest to wear. There were other shades in red, peach, and brown. 

This lipstick gets mega points for creativity! It's a bit of a mix for me. I like the colour and texture. I think it lasts okay. I have to reapply after eating, but that's the case with most lipsticks. I do find it to be a bit drying (it might just be the changing weather). I expected it to be more hydrating based on the texture and how long it lasts. Also, the tip is too small for my lips. I get that the two colour combo is a way to make lips appear fuller, meaning it was made for ladies with thinner lips, but it's a bit of a challenge for me to get the right effect on my naturally full pout. 

Has anyone else seen anything like this? What do you think of the dual colour combo? Leave me a comment!


  1. Thanks for commenting! Your blog is perfectly, exactly what I have been looking for! I think we have a similar skin tone and you live in Japan so you can recommend things I can actually buy!

    I'm Canadian, too. I live in Kobe, Japan. Where do you live? I hope it's Kansai. Anyway, my name is Julie. Please keep in touch.


    1. Hi Julie! My name is Rebecca. I live in Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi, but I go to Hiroshima fairly often! Send me an email! I'm at