Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lipstick Challenge: Day 22

Avon shimmer lip tints in berry. 

I knew I've had this one for a long time but I didn't realize how long until I looked at the label. The copyright is from 2004!! Oh boy! I remember wearing this a lot in high school. I'm not sure if that was a good thing or not. In the photo I'm wearing this lipstick very lightly but I layered this baby on when I was younger.   I think what this says is my lipstick addiction started young and has been with me for a long time. (After I wrote this I wanted to know how it would look dark. Answer: I was a fierce high schooler with my dark berry lips!)

So besides the awful packaging, I think this is a great lipstick. Seriously though!? It looks so bad! Come on Avon! 

Moving on. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a tinted lip balm type lip colour. I think it was released as a limited edition fall product. It's got great pigmentation and can be worn more sheer, like I'm wearing in this photo or you can build it up to be quite dramatic. I love berry shades in the fall and winter! It's finally starting to be cool enough here to make me start craving these colours and my cozy sweaters. 

This lip tint is also very moisturizing. It goes on really smoothly. It's not very long lasting but in lipstick years this liptint is a grandma! I think she's held up really well. 

That's enough rambling from me! I'm wearing this shade in my next YouTube video which I will post soon! Let me know what kind of lips you rocked in high school? We're you a stick girl in a gloss world, like me?

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